Frequently Asked Questions

PleasureFest is an Adult Event for People 18+

PleasureFest is a three-day immersive virtual exploration of sensual pleasure activism and heart-centered connection designed to fill you up and inspire you to keep going doing the hard work to change the world.

Who should I invite to PleasureFest?

Only invite the most open, exploratory, no-drama, respectful, communicative, and playful people you know. Your friends should understand consent. Ideally, you trust them implicitly. You would feel comfortable staking your reputation on their being a good fit for our community. (NOTE: This is different from feeling confident that they would enjoy themselves.) If there's a problem, you will be asked to have a conversation with them about their behavior and you both may be denied access to the event. 


How do I invite my friends?

Talk to your friends and ask if they are interested and see if you feel confident about their partipation. If you feel comfortable vouching for them, send the link to PleasureFest.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We ask all teachers, leaders and participants to use inclusive language with respect to race, gender, ability, and size. If you have questions about this please ask! We're happy to get you up to speed. Anyone selected to present at PleasureFest will be required to attend a brief workshop facilitator orientation prior to the event.

Here's a primer:
On being LGBTQ Inclusive:
On micro-aggressions:
On ableism:

Who How When Where?

Get ready to drop in and dive as deep as you like. When you sign up for PleasureFest you’re signing up for an adventure in mutuality and co-creation. You'll help to create a safer, supportive, and pleasurable environment for everyone through consent, empathy, and commitment to one another's resourcing and liberation. We’ll jointly create a field of sensual, intellectual, and emotional delight.

Get ready for virtual and IRL activities:

  • Sensual Scavenger Hunt
  • Take a Trip through Erotic History
  • Sexy Amateur Movie Screening
  • Flirtatious Connection Games
  • Fascinating Presenters
  • Yoga for All Bodies
  • Sex/Relationship Workshops
  • Sensual Meditation Hike
  • Sexy Selfie Thread
  • Afternoon “Pool” Party
  • Flirt & Feel 2nd Base Party

Produced by Bonobo Tribe

For a decade, Bonobo Tribe has built community, connection, and capacity in the sex-positive and non-monogamous worlds. We create consent-focused, sex-positive, and power-aware spaces that facilitate informed, emotionally intelligent, inclusive, and curated conversation and practice about sex and intimacy. Bonobo Tribe is organized by Misha Bonaventura and William Winters.

Who is welcome to attend

All adults are welcome, ages 18 and up from around the world.

We want you to invite your friends to register here, or sign up together and share the streams at home.

How to participate and when/where

When you register you will get a unique password and profile to setup as a member here at PleasureFest ahead of the event. Instructions will be provided by email to the address you provide when you register. If you have any questions, email

Safety, Security, Agreements

PleasureFest is designed for mutual benefit and pleasure, and it is up to every one of us to create that experience for each other throughout the weekend.

We are committed to creating a great experience that provides safety, security and consent for everyone.

Expanding your Participation beyond PleasureFest

There may be links shared by guests to private, unmaintained rooms outside of the official PleasureFest events that are links kept by community organizers we may not know. We have no idea what may happen in any unsupervised space and user caution and discretion is always advised, as with every encounter and experience please ask before participating. There are often spaces to ask questions in chat or via groups linked here and you are welcome to share anything needed with us in our incident report.

Web Etiquette for Postings

How to report an Incident

Look for the Incident Report button at the bottom or Link to Incident Report to report any incident.

What happens if I file an incident report? 

If you feel that someone may not have behaved according to PleasureFest's consent policies, you can let us know by reporting at a party to an angel or producer or by completing our Incident Report Form. Below is the process we'll follow after receiving a report:

  • The Support Team will be automatically notified of any report submitted to our Incident Report Form.
  • Members of the Support Team contact the reporter to discuss the report and possible outcomes.
  • Support Team talks to others involved including direct witnesses and the reported person.
  • Reporter and reported are each asked to form an accountability pod.
  • Support Team may consult with character witnesses (such as other event hosts) and follow up on any leads that suggest a larger pattern of the reported behavior.
  • Support Team bring the results of their investigation back to the Leadership for consensus on a recommendation.
  • Support Team recommends action(s), including the following possibilities:
  • Have a conversation with the participant expressing concern
  • Issue an official warning
  • Bar a participant from volunteering in either specific capacities or any capacity
  • Recommend education, therapy, mediation, or accountability process.
  • Probation, suspension, or banning from future events.
  • Archive the information and recommend no action
  • Support Team pursues one of the following options:
  • Accept the recommendation
  • Request additional details or further investigation
  • Pursue an alternate course of action
  • Support Team representatives contact the reported party with an official notice
  • Support Team will contact the reporter to notify them of the team’s action, if desired
  • Team determines whether to announce the decision to others

Pods, Bubbles, Polycules & Streaming Groups

We encourage you to come with friends! Please buy a Premium or All Access Pass and encourage friends to sign up for low income passes if they can to get their own log-in details and passwords.

How to Set up the Event Stream to Broadcast on your TV

Many streams can be shared on TVs and other display tech you may have at home by using tools such as Miracast if you're using an iPad or repeating your TV as an HDMI display from your computer.

Enjoy Coming Alone Too: Creating Spaces for Pleasure

You can come solo and make new friends, or bring a friend and make even more! If you want separate log-ins for you and your pod-mates, please register separately so you can all have your own ways to log in and participate across various rooms and experiences.

To Apply to Share Your Workshop/Event