Akil Apollo Davis

Turn Life into a Pleasure Garden

Akil Apollo Davis

What is a Pleasure Garden?

A Pleasure Garden is an original allegory used to look deeply and specifically into yourself and your life to heal and enhance your wonderful pleasure center. This includes thoughts of yourself, the food you like to eat, the music you like to listen to the friends you spend time with, the loved ones you love, and the energy vampires that are other people and also yourself!

We are going to work out how to build your own hanging Gardens of Babylon so that every inch of what you do from the place that you sleep to the places you find yourself in the interactions you have have a residence of enjoyment, harmony, and pleasure.

Sometimes you find yourself working so much and finding very little time to take a spa day or have a relaxing retreat! The Pleasure Garden I will share with you transforms every step of your life into your oasis!