Touch Lab is a playful exploration of comforting self-touch, slowing down to experience sensory pleasure and discovering sensual tools already available to you at home.

You’ll leave Touch Lab feeling more relaxed and connected to other people, with a repertoire of tools to create specific kinds of sensations in your own nervous system, tools for communicating what you like, and ideas for fun touch games to play up close or at a distance.

Touch Lab focuses on a specific variety of touch, so we can delve deeper into shared sensations.

Touch Labs explore:

  • Weight and Compression
  • Swaying and Rocking
  • Tapping and Percussion
  • Soft and Scratchy

Some helpful things to know:

  • Please one screen and registration per person.
  • This is a fun activity to do “together-while-apart” with a friend or partner.
  • This is also a great activity to do with someone you want to build a more affectionate relationship with (eg a housemate you are sheltering with).
  • Touch Lab is an experience that happens in real time, and will not be recorded.