Gregg Berman

Nature Immersion Anywhere

Gregg Berman

This 1.5-hour workshop will engage your innate animal senses as we explore and create intimacy with the world around us.  We are, in fact, nature.  Despite physical distancing and shelter-in-place constraints, we still have endless creative opportunities to dive deeper into our connection with nature. As we learn to see the earth as something not outside of us but as part of ourselves and us as part of it, we reconnect with our inner grace and beauty, with our passion and compassion and with our empathy for self and other.

Come prepared with the biosphere of your own choosing.  e.g.,  

* If you have cell phone reception, enough battery charge (and/or a portable charger), you can pick your favorite outdoor nature spot.

* You can be out in your yard. (Many guests of Gregg’s offering have enjoyed gaining a more intimate connection with their own ecosystems.)

* You can be indoors looking out a window.

* You can gaze at your favorite picture of nature.

* You can bring yourself in connection with a houseplant, vegetable and/or, a piece of fruit.

* Be anywhere that you can safely engage your senses with any sights, sounds, smells, tastes or textures inspired by nature.

Between invitations of nature connection, we will have opportunity to share with each other what we’re noticing on our respective journeys.

We will close our time together in liminal space with a tea ceremony which allows us to drink in the gifts of the earth as well as place our intentions into the earth. Gregg will share his tea in the virtual space. Feel free to prepare your own libations if you wish to imbibe at your local ceremony.